Right when the New Orleans Saint look like they were going to extend their winning streak at the Superdome... the aints show up! UGH!

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How do you have an opponent on 4 & 10 and.... ALLOW A 50 YARD PASS COMPLETION??? %$%&#*&^)&)(&%&$&^#%*^ (naughty words) *$&^#^#&$&!

Sorry. I just get so..... UGH! (deep sigh)

I'm ok... so the San Franisco 49ers defeat the Saints 27-24 in overtime in the Mercedes Benz Superdome yesterday, despite another solid running game behind Mark Ingram, and a Hail Mary TD catch from Jimmy Graham that.... was taken away due to a penalty.

Drew Brees went 28-47, 292 yds, 3 TDs in the game.