We all have several kinds of relationships in our lives. There is the professional rapport we have with co-workers. The courteous rapport with have with cashiers and sales clerks. The I-need-you-otherwise-I-wouldn't-have-waited-an-hour-for-you-to-see-me rapport we have with doctors.This is not about those kinds of relationships. We are talking about how to find a soulmate, romantic partner, spouse, or someone to mooch off kind of relationship. What you say without speaking says a lot about how those relationships get started and progress.

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    Eye Contact

    This is usually a phase one form of body language communication. If you're shy you might make eye contact, blush, and then turn away. If you're more confident then you'll hold that contact a little longer. Here's a tip, the female should be the shy one. Women love confidence in men and while you shouldn't stare a hole in them, you should feel confident enough to gaze upon them and smile.

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    Hand Placement

    Let's assume he or she hasn't placed their hands upon you. If they have in a gentle or passing touch that's a good thing. Physical contact indicates trust. Let's say you're across the table from each other at a coffee shop. Where are their hands? If they are under the table or out of sight then they're not really sold on you yet. If they are in plain sight then that is a body language cue they feel comfortable around you. If you notice his hands are in your purse then chances are you'll need to call your credit card company.

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    People wind up where they want to be by choice. So if you happen to see your intended in places where you haven't seen them before, it's because they probably wanted to be there in hopes of seeing you. Maybe they started parking near where you park or they now study in the same part of the library that you study. Perhaps they've started playing the same slot machines that you play. This is a sign of interest. If they are waiting for you at your house and you haven't told them where you live. You could have a problem and not a relationship.

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    They Remove Obstructions

    Let's go back to the coffee shop scenario we talked about earlier. When they are served their drink do they put it directly in front of them? Or do they move the drink to the side so there is a clear path between the two of you? This subtle sign is a tremendous key in reading the unspoken language. When we are around someone we want to be around we try to remove any barrier that might be in the way.

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    Women in particular have a "tell" about whether or not they find you interesting. If they tilt their head and expose more of their neck that's a sign she feels comfortable around you. If your companion is leaning forward in your direction then that's another great sign there is engagement.If you are both leaning forward toward each other chances are there is enough chemistry to move the relationship down the road to the next level.  The only other reason for that kind of body language would be if you both needed to pass gas at the exact same time.