Wow, in the days of lore (basically the 80's) these were the fancy-schmancy toys of the day, but in a world where our kids were born with never knowing what the world is like without the internet, this article will make you think...

Remember me?

Before iPods, BlackBerrys and laptops became part of our plugged-in culture, there was a host of gizmos and gadgets that set our tech-fueled fever alight. When Sony shuttered widespread production of the Walkman in April of this year, it sent a nostalgic shockwave through our system, reminding us of all the forgotten technologies that once reigned supreme. Whether it's the VCR, Polaroid camera or — if you're brave enough to admit it, the eight-track cassette — here’s a look back at eight mainstream technologies that have since become obsolete.

via 8 technology revolutions that are now relics | MNN - Mother Nature Network.

I still remember sitting with C.J. when he bought a used Laser Disc player, and having to sit through "Desperately Seeking Susan" at least three times as he got over-excited by the picture quality... I fell asleep.