Tanner asked Jade to marry him on Monday's season finale of the Bachelor in Paradise and she said yes.  I knew it, I am so excited!

A few shockers from the finale:  Ashley I. wanted Jared and did everything in her power to get him.  Even asking Chris Harrison for an extra date card with a fantasy suite, to enjoy with Jared.  Things didn't work out.  I always thought he was playing her to see who else might show up during the show; he wasn't fully invested in her.  After a night in the fantasy suite Ashely I. thought Jared would be hers forever (rumored she gave him her V-status card).  Jared had other thoughts and broke off the budding romance and left paradise.  Of course, Ashley I. left crying hysterically, which is not unusual for her....every episode was one or two crying jags.

Seecond shocker, and this is huge one....Kirk told Carly he couldn't commit to "after paradise" with her.  That blindsided her, me, and everyone.  I thought it might have been too soon, talking about kids and marriage last week.  But sometimes love grows quick and fierce.  Kirk was't feeling it like Carly, and he did the respectable thing.  Left the show and Carly.   Ruh-roh, a woman scorned is NOT a good thing.

Third shocker-Samantha ended up with Nick, and come to find out, they had been talking three months prior to coming on the show.  She ultimately played Joe!  I laugh every time I think of how Joe looked when she didn't give him the rose a few weeks ago.  Joe was so sure she was going to pick him. Made.  My.  Night.

Jade and Tanner have announced they will be getting married next summer at the Bachelor in Paradise season premier in July.  Do I have to wait a year?  I am so excited!