I am sure you remember Alec Baldwin saying that if Bush won the election he would move out of the USA. You may have noticed that Bush won and he did not leave. Now an airline is offering free tickets out of the country if your guy loses.

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According to Dial Global JetBlue is offering a way for Americans to make good on threats to leave the country if “the other guy” wins the presidential election. The airline said yesterday it will give away 2012 seats, or 1,006 round-trip flights, for customers that come out on the losing end of the battle between President Barack Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney. Travelers who visit jetblue.com/electionprotection and pick their choice for President will be entered into the contest to win a (temporary) escape outside the U.S. JetBlue’s international routes include Mexico and the Caribbean. The free flight would not include taxes, fees or a hotel.

No word on if the round trip covers a period of four years.