According to a study conducted by the Pew Research Center, parents are having a harder time juggling family and work today.

Children are much more likely than not to grow up in a household in which their parents work, and in nearly half of all two-parent families today, both parents work full time, a sharp increase from previous decades.

Here's a video that might help you get on the right path when it comes to financial hardships.

Here's some recent feedback from some of our Gator Listeners on the matter.

Shandell Moss Agree. Parents are involving their kids in way too many activities which takes up a lot of time and effort. Both parents are working nowadays and should be spending more one on one time with their children. Slow down. Color with them. Play games at home with them. Everyone sit at the table and eat. If you cut out some unnecessary things and SLOW DOWN you'll reap benefits.

Melissa Ardoin Yep and broke.

Gayle Kuhn Salute