Gotta love it when floods in my neck of the woods. Does any have Troy Landry's phone number handy?

My house sits in Choupique, Louisiana and is a house surrounded by cattle, horses, coyotes, wild pigs, skunk, and now you can add one more to the list.

Gators! You see, I live 100 yards from the Choupique Bayou and when a significant amount of rain falls that results in flooding, you wind up having the morning that I had today.

I am leaving for work, just in my jeep and proceed to travel down Charlie Moss Road when all of a sudden... there he was...trying to sunbathe on my road. It was a 2 foot alligator! So I pullover to the side of the road, jump out of my ride and called my son and see if he would want to catch it. He wussied out!

Great, now I have to call up the Swamp People.

Never a dull moment in the country.