Aaron Watson did something this summer no other Texas or Red Dirt artist has ever done. Not guys named Pat Green, Kevin Fowler, Randy Rogers, or even bands called Cross Canadian Ragweed or Eli Young Band can say they’ve accomplished what The Honky Tonk Kid did in six weeks this summer on the Texas Music Chart.

In August Watson’s single, “Raise Your Bottle,” became the fastest-rising single in the history of the Texas Music Chart, taking just six weeks to reach the No. 1 spot. Aaron stopped by one of our sister stations to chat with Radio Texas, LIVE! last week where we talked about that, plus he gave us the scoop on his next album and on what he calls “redneck ingenuity.”

When Aaron and I talked about the sweeping radio success of “Raise Your Bottle,” he deflected saying, “Well you know I think its a great song, I’m very proud of it. But I think what’s even better than the song is what we’re doing with [it].”

What is he doing with “Raise Your Bottle?” Watson has committed 100 percent of the proceeds from this song to go directly to The Boot campaign. Why?

Because Watson doesn’t feel like this song belongs to him. It belongs to those who made a sacrifice above most of us can fathom.

The song was originally inspired by Watson’s father, who was 100 percent disabled from the Vietnam War. But it wasn’t long before it grew from a song for his dad to a song for his grandpa and great-grandpa, then also for his military friends and family. Before it ultimately became a song from him to all veterans — from the World Wars to Iraq and Afghanistan.

“Raise Your Bottle” is a song inspired by Aaron Watson’s father, and dedicated to all military veterans.

When I wrote this song … and I started thinking about all these people who sacrificed so much. [And] even though I wrote this song, I didn’t feel like it belonged to me. So, until the day I die, every penny that this song generates will go toward our disabled veterans and their families [via The Boot Campaign].

If you haven’t yet click here and download “Raise Your Bottle.”

Aaron also told us that his new album “Real Good Time” will be his “Most fun [album] yet,” and is set to be available for purchase and download October 9, 2012. But heads up, you’ll be able to pre-order it September 4th.

Aaron wrote fifteen of the eighteen tracks on “Real Good Time,” and he joked “so at least three will be good.” But something else that will please longtime fans he has re-cut a few of his older, fan favorite songs including “Off The Record,” “Reckless,” and “Honky Tonk Kid” which will also be included on it as well.

Here is the portion of our interview where we discuss the story behind “Raise Your Bottle,” plus I’ve got the song in it’s entirety for you to check out.

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