Ryan McVay

Grab a bottle of wine, a pound of Christmas tree bark, and cuddle up on the couch, because it's go time.

ABC Family revealed the full line up for the "25 Days of Christmas", which means it's official, the holidays are here. It's finally acceptable to watch Christmas movies all day every day without getting disapproving looks from all the Scrooges in my life.

I have a serious obsession with the movie How the Grinch Stole Christmas, the one with Jim Carey. Yeah, I know, you're probably like "The cartoon one is better", but I could watch Jim Carey as The Grinch on repeat all month long and never get tired of it. So flipping good, don't lie, you love it too, but it's way "cooler" to like the original Grinch.

Oh, and in case you were wondering The Nightmare Before Christmas made this years line up, because, yes, it is a Christmas movie. It's also a Halloween movie, but it's so amazing that it deserves to be watched more than once a year.

You can check out the full line up here!

[via EW.com]