Dear Santa,

I know I have been on and off your naughty list throughtout 2015, but I feel I have been building up some really "being good" momentum the last few hours. So, with that said... here's what I would like for Christmas!

When you come down my chimney, I would like for you to start by filling up my Christmas stocking with some potatos and corn! My stocking is the one with basketballs on it. And beside the Christmas tree, place a nice size picnic table there.

On top the picnic table, place some of the latest editions of the North Pole Gazette, then drag your Christmas bag of goodies to the table, open up and then empty that sack of delicious, spicy boiled crawdads!

Hungry yet?

Ok, maybe I went a little to extreme with my Mudbug/Christmas present. Hey, I am Cajun! I just crave certain popular Louisiana favorites at the oddest times of the year. Oh, and if you recieve boiled crawfish for Christmas.... give me a holla!