This morning Erin and I asked our Gator family how old is too old to live at home. We appreciate the phoners on the subject this morning. What did the Gator social media have to say on the matter?

How old is too old to live at home?

Linda Lott Only if its a medical reason. If you healthy and able to work, you should not be living at home at 30.

Jessica Rabke I know if you're a fully capable human being and barely living life with crap jobs just to get by and you play a game on your laptop more than you work then absolutely not... Parents suffer from that too to be honest.

Tony Bonura Life throws you curve balls some times. If you have to ,to get back on tour feet or till living situation pans out then it's cool but to do it just to do it isn't fair for your parents.

Ganey Arsement I was a touring musician until age 32. I was barely home for one week out of the month, so it was senseless to maintain my own place. I lived at home until I got married.

Karli Cherry I don't think it's the age that matters. But there comes a point when, as an adult you need to contribute to the home you live in and the people you live with. Freeloading is not okay..

Brandy Brady I left at 20 for Houston and only had $20 in my pocket. I don't have kids but 24 is kinda getting to old uh? How are they ever going to know how to live in the crazy not so nice world? So 24 ? Oh I stayed gone 25 years and it was the best thing I ever did.

Kristen Merchant If you moved out before then and had a tragic accident and can't exactly afford to because of medical bills or you lost your home due to a fire or something else, that's different. If you're going through a break up and yll lived together a 5 month grace period while you find a new place is okay too.

Angie Johnson I am at home recovering from all of my medical stuff! I think you are never too old. Life throws you curveballs and sometimes that lands you back in that safe, secure place........that's what family is for! Feeling grateful that I have them!