Attention all my theatre brethren out in Gator Country! Do you like dinner theatre? Well I have something right down your alley for Saturday night!

On Saturday, the DeQuincy Railroad Museum presents "Last Train from Paris".

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There will be clues and the audience will have an opportunity to participate if interested during Act 3 to help solve the murder. I autually was recently in one myself, playing a heckler. Go figure, right?

The first course will be served in the museum, with subsequent courses prepared by a local caterer. The audience will dine on crème brulee during the final act. The conclusion is a closely guarded secret. (Buhahaha)

Space is limited if you want to participate.

If interested in attending, Tickets are $20.00 and are available at the Dequincy Railroad Museum. For more details call 337-786-2823.

This event is funded by a decentralized art funding grand handled by the Arts Council of Southwest Louisiana.