David Kaye has ridden on the synchronicity highway for so long, sometimes even he forgets when all the right pathways, synergy, portals and people are all in place and aligned and a small miracle occurs. This happened yesterday, a simple day, and day that most would consider to be just another lazy Sunday afternoon...but the truth was it was the day that David Kaye, the immovable object, meet the unstoppable force, the 2 most Awesome T-shirts ever made!!!

I was wasting time this past Sunday, walking the halls of the Prien Lake Mall, when the Powers-That-Be allowed me to find the right rhythm with the pop in my step and I found myself walking into the Journeys store, where my daughter-in-law, Amber works.  Not being familiar with the products for sale at this store, Amber and I started to dig through the racks of t-shirt, to see if I could find a new way to display my very own style, which I like to call...my K-haracteristic, a word I just created!

Little did Amber and I know we would find the Cornucopia of Clothes Awesomeness right there in that store at that moment...Fate Smiled!

Gaze upon the shirt that shall be named "Thought Bubble" which will enable me to let everyone know what is on my mind! No longer shall I wish that I had a shirt that tell you that "Fun Shouldn't Throw Stones" or "Some Guys Like A Woman Scorned"! Absolute artistic freedom has been achieved!








And this shall be named "Word Of The Day"! The next time you see David Kaye coming down the street, be prepared to know the Word Of The Day, which could be "Doughnut" "Rhetorical" or even the situation fitting, "Word"! Be prepared to be educated in subjects never before available in school, only on the streets.






And now faithful reader, David Kaye need your inspiration! Dig deep into your grey matter, and help to install your ideas to the humble masses, and win some great prizes also!! How would you like to win free food?? How about 2 free 3-piece chicken tender dinners from Popeye's Fried Chicken, with a side item and dipping sauce, just for submitting your quotes or word of the day, and this Friday afternoon, David Kaye will announce the winners of written imagination, one for each of the shirts, which will then be displayed here on Gator995.com!

So pull out your Funk & Wagnalls, and see if the Fickle Finger of Fate picks you winner, of some chicken dinners from all lake area Popeyes! Please comment and check back as often as possible to add even better input, or to check out the competition!