Sometimes I just can't believe some places stay in business with service like this!I arrive at our studios at 4:00 in the morning. Most mornings I bring my breakfast; but sometimes I just don't have time to prepare it ahead of time. Those are times when I usually stop by a convenience store and end up eating really badly ..... or worse I order from the Awful House. yesterday morning I ordered two eggs over easy, bacon, toast and grits. I walked over and picked up my order. I even tipped the girl. Then I get back to the station and find they left out my grits. I did not have time to go back. I also found they gave me no utensils, napkin or salt and pepper. I was very upset at having to eat my eggs with my fingers! I called and was told a manager would call me later in the day. I never got that call.

Like the dummy that I am I decided to try it again today. I called and placed my to go order. I was told it would be ready in five minutes. I gave them ten and walked over. There were three customers in the whole place. I waited for the counter person to ring up the guy in front of me and then was told my food was not ready yet. They had not even started cooking it! I did not have time to wait.... that is why I called ahead. I had to just leave and not eat breakfast this morning. There is no excuse for this kind of poor service. This is a perfect example of why some businesses fail and others soar. Every business that is soaring understands the importance of customer service! I will not try this Awful House again. Let's all vent this morning. Tell me about your poor service story.