UPDATE: First off, I would like to wish this little guy a happy and late 2nd birthday!

Ryder is still fighting this nasty disease and needs your help.

Today, January 6th, at the Buffalo Wild Wings location on Ambassador Caffery, 20% of your purchase will be donated to Ryder and his family (Must present flyer while there).


Okay folks, time to ask for a big favor from each of you.

This beautiful little boy is1-year-old Ryder Trull. He and his parents, Kayla and Nathan, are from Maurice, LA.

Little Ryder is currently undergoing cancer treatments at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston. Back in May, Ryder's parents took him on a mini-vacation in Houston. While there, they noticed bruising and knew something was very wrong. They decided that he needed to be taken to the hospital where he would later be diagnosed with AML (Acute Myeloid Leukemia).

Scans showed that Ryder had over 20 hemorrhages on his brain and he was severely anemic. The day the Trull family arrived at Texas Children's Hospital, Ryder's white blood cell count was at 400,000. After a treatment of chemo and a blood transfusion, they were able to get his count down to 90,000.

The treatments kept Ryder going and he slowly began to return to his normal self. This was a miracle seeing as the doctors told Kayla and Nathan that there was a possibility that Ryder may never be able to communicate with others or maintain mobility on his left side ever again. Thankfully, Ryder regained all normal functions and in June/July the doctors informed his parents that he was in full remission.




This beautiful family was able to take a week vacation to come back to Louisiana before continuing with tests to make sure everything was stable and Ryder's levels were clear. However, a few weeks ago, Kayla and Nathan received devastating news. Ryder had relapsed, which meant the chemo was not working. At that point, the only thing that could cure little Ryder was a bone marrow transplant.

If you have had or know someone who has had cancer, you know all too well that it is a viscous disease. This past Saturday (September 19th), Ryder's parents were informed that he now has testicular cancer. They were told that this only happens in 1% of AML cases because it is more likely with ALL (another form of leukemia).

The doctors told Kayla and Nathan that a biopsy would be done on the following Monday. Based on the results, they had two options. They could either try one more method of treatment or send Ryder home and make him as comfortable as possible. No parent ever wants to hear this.


Kayla and Nathan are scared but very hopeful as Ryder is in fantastic hands at Texas Children's Hospital. However, cancer has a mind of its own.

This is what we need from you today. Please just simply say a prayer. We need prayer warriors on hand for baby Ryder. He is an incredible little boy with the most incredible personality. Share Ryder's story and please keep in your prayers at the extremely critical time.

This is why we love helping out our babies at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Ryder may not be at St. Jude, but cancer is cancer no matter where the treatment is coming from. Helping to find cures and beating childhood cancer is a mission here at Townsquare Media. It is with your help that we can do just that.

You always come through ten fold for us, so Thank You in advance!