Today is National Banana Day!  I LOVE BANANAS!  Smashed, cooked, whole, in smoothies, bananas are the most versatile fruit.  I often carry a banana in my purse, and I get so frustrated when it is smashed or half-peeled before I can eat it.  Enter the Banana Saver.  I Googled Banana Saver, and found a large list of links regarding the Banana Saver.  Made in the shape of a banana, the saver protects your banana from being smashed in your purse, keeps it from sun exposure, or just makes it look trendy hanging from your backpack.  Even YouTube has jumped on the bandwagon and has a page dedicated to Banana Savers.

I haven't actually tried the Banana Saver, but I eat lots of bananas during the week so this weekend, I am going to venture out to Bed Bath and Beyond and find a Banana Saver to try next week.  I am curious to see if it actually will keep my half-eaten banana safe from my purse dungeon?  There is nothing like pulling your banana out of your lunch kit or backpack and seeing it bruised, smashed, half-peeled, or the stem broken.  I am on a Banana Saver mission.  Stay tuned for updates on my quest to save my banana.