The crowd seemed larger to me on day 2. It also seemed a little less frantic and a bit more relaxed. The Superfest organizers and all of the security and Superfest crew did another awesome job. Now let's get to why we were there.


I have to admitt that I missed Joe Nicholls. Please write me and tell me how great he was. That's always what happens when I miss something.


I did get there in time for Sara Evans started who did a great job. She even pulled out a surprise performance of Cheap Trick's "I Want You To Want Me". The beach balls were flying and the crowd was hot! The temperature was 91 and the breeze was inconsistent in Death Valley. The most popular items were fans (the small battery powered ones and the hand held variety).


Then Dierks Bentley took the stage and picked things up a notch. He also seems a little bit more country. Sara Evans was good but did a couple of covers from artist you would not consider country. Dierks Bentley turned things back in a definitive Country direction and made the crowd forget about the heat for a little while. The sun was starting to slide down behind Tiger Stadium  before Jason Aldean took the stage by storm. Jason is pure country and the crowd loved it! He was so good that I was scared for Rascal Flatts who had to follow him. Jason had the crowd on it's feet his entire performance and was flawless! It was number one hit after number one hit!

It's almost hard for me to talk about the Rascal Flatts performance because I love this band so much. I am a huge fan and was really fired up to see them. I can't really put my finger on what happened. I thought the sound mixing was excellent for the entire festival until Rascal Flatts hit the stage. I am certainly not a sound engineer but I can tell you when there is a difference between bands. Rascal Flatts opened with drums all across the front of the stage and those drums boomed to start the show!  It was like someone had adjusted the regular drum set down a little so the drums on the front of the stage would be front and center; but then forgot to turn the volume back up for the band's drummer. This really took some pop out of the sound. The band put on a great performance as you would expect.  The crowd was just not as enthused as they were for Jason Aldean.

Overall it was an awesome experience! The people were great. The performances were great. The atmosphere was just what you expected in Tiger Stadium. The entire festival was extremely well organized and a great fan experience. There are some legislative issues with the festival moving forward in Baton Rouge. Make sure you contract your state representative and ask them to support this event. Any one who visited for the festival is back at home bragging about our state. That is always a good thing!