This morning on the Kris and Emily Show, we asked Gator Country to share their best excuse to get out of a speeding ticket.

Terri McFatter Went to pass a couple cars on hwy, and saw real quick why they were going the "speed limit", a State Trooper was leading the pack. So he pulls over, lets all 3 of us go by, jumps in behind me and flips on his lights. Me and fast thinkin, I got out dancing like I was gonna wet my pants, told him I was a mile from my road, he didnt even finish gettin out of his vehicle, apologized,said yes ma'am, go ahead. It worked!

Katharine Lauren I don't have any excuses because I speed!!! But I'm always respectful of the officer. Shutting my car off, hazards on, window rolled down and calm. I've gotten out of tickets by bringing respectful of the officer and his/hers important job

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