When Cajun mama's wanted their precious little angels to behave, they just might have shared stories of the TAH TIE. Were you one of these kiddos?

The Tah Tie or the monster under the bed seemed to work in many home in the bayou state. My mom would scare the living crud out of my brothers and me with stories of the BIG HAND. (Buhahahaha!)

It would be under my bed, or in my closet, or in my favorite Fruit Loops cereal box, or under the bubbles while taking a bubble bath. The more I write this, my mom was kinda a jerk! That or I was just THAT BAD of a kid. Hmmm?

Hey! Maybe you had a friend under your bed!

So, no matter if it was the Tah Tie, the Boogeyman, or the Big Hand if you were a little tyrant growing up in Southwest Louisiana you were probably introduced to some kind of monster under your bed.