Unbelievable! It seems that nowadays, young people get caught up in a world of experiences and are held back by their inexperience. And will they never learn that there are certain things that should not be done when a camera is present? And now, Disney is once again getting sweat on their forehead with worries over how to handle their newest video camera travesty.

What you're about to see here may SHOCK YOU!  Beloved kids' figure, Tigger, is about to get freak nasty on the dance floor.  And he's going to drag his friends, Winnie the Poh and even old Eeyore (who now has a reason to be depressed) into this new life of sin!

Will they ever be able to live down their shame, their dirty dirty shame!!

Hahaha, have a great day, everyone, from David Kaye In The Midday!

(Just a warning -- some of the music might have objectionable language in the background.  Could be NSFW.)

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