Did you see Bill Cosby at any of his lake Charles performances? I met him and it was an experience that I will never forget.


I was to introduce Bill cosby at the Rosa Hart back in the 90's. I was hanging out backstage with my wife when up walks Bill Cosby. He was smoking the short end of a cigar and I introduced myself. I told him I was there to introduce him and ask if there was anything special he wanted me to say to the audience. He ask me "you are going to introduce me?" I said "yes". He said "no I am going to introduce you". He put his cigar down and went out on stage and made up stuff about me and introduced me. How was I supposed to follow that? I also snagged the cigar he had been smoking and told my wife to put it in her purse. We have a cigar smoked by Bill Cosby! I then went out on stage to do my thing and introduce him. He walked by us on his way to the stage and put another cigar down and said "I want that one to be there when I come back." My wife gave me the usual dirty look. Here is what I think is his best bit ever!