For many years, I have been a huge fan of Blake Shelton, from the beginning of his career when his first number one hit "Austin" hit the airways almost twenty years ago.  Plus, he is very easy on the eyes.  And, what couldn't make me love him more than hearing his cover Bob Dylan's 'Forever Young' of the new animated feature film, Max.

Tug at my heart strings some more, Blake.  The new movie, Maxfeatures a little boy who just lost his brother in Afghanistan and learns his brother's dog, Max, needs a home.  They develop a deep bond that lasts throughout their adventures together.  Man's best friend helps a little boy and his family heal.  A very touching story, one I am sure will bring a tear or two, and hopefully some laughter in between.

Blake sings 'Forever Young' beuatifully, I am sure making Bob Dylan very proud to call him a friend.  One more reason to be a huge fan.  Thank you, Blake! Stay true to your roots and keep creating good music for country music fans.