Went to see the newest movie from Marvel Comics, X-Men First Class, and it renewed my love of comic book movies! Well, true believers have another Marvel superhero movie to look forward to! After the success of X-Men: First Class last weekend, Fox is now turning its attention toward rebooting the Daredevil franchise.

The Hollywood Reporter confirms that Fox has hired the writer-producer for Fox's Fringe, Brad Caleb Kane, to adapt Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli’s Born Again storyline for the big screen.

Born Again was written in 1986 and follows the "Man Without Fear," Matt Murdoch, after his ex-girlfriend, now a heroin addict, sells his identity to his archenemy and crimelord, the Kingpin. According to Total Film, the first issue of the arc was voted by comic fans as the 11th Greatest Marvel Story of All Time in 2001.

Fox is teaming with Regency for the new Daredevil movie. David Slade, who worked on 30 Days of Night, has been confirmed to direct, with Peter Chernin and Dylan Clark of Chernin Entertainment producing.

The blind but sonar-powered Marvel superhero was last played on screen by Ben Affleck in 2003, but the movie was met with bad ratings and was almost universally derided. However, Fox is pulling out all the stops, hiring a hot-ticket director and adapting a fan-favorite story to ensure that history doesn't repeat itself.

No release date has been set, and there have yet to be any clues surrounding the lead actor, and we see no

via 'Daredevil' reboot in the making | TheCelebrityCafe.com.