If you ask some of our Gator friends, you'd think Santa himself drove a Blue Bell Ice Cream truck into town early this morning.

My buddy David Black couldn't wait for a Blue Bell themed breakfast! 

Thanks for the pic my friend.

I asked Gator 99.5 Listeners to get social with me and share there thoughts on the Blue Bell craziness. So, who wants some Blue Bell?

   Michael Thibodeaux Mememememe

   Kerry Andersen Meeeeeeeee!!!!

   Carrie Lynn Roy .. My thigh's aren't ready, but I am..

   Shonda Culpepper Berry We are, specially my daughter! She's like tired of waitin!

   Nikita N Mike Fontenot Whoop whoop go David Black

It's just nice to know that Belle can get back to work, while singing her favorite song. Enjoy!