A tough day for this 67-year-old Boyce, La., gentleman after he got his third DWI on a lawnmower, according to the Rapides Parish Sheriff's Office.

Rapides Parish officials said Ralph Rufus Carroll was riding his mower down the middle of La. 121. Deputies tried to pull him over, but he darted off the road into nearby brush, heading down a trail that led to La. 1200.

Of course, deputies simply followed Carroll to his home. And then he refused to get off his lawnmower. When deputies came up to him, he smelled strongly of alcohol.

It wasn't his first run-in with the law regarding his lawnmower driving skills, either.

"It was learned later that Carroll had been given a warning approximately one week ago for driving his lawn mower on the roadway, as it is unsafe for him as well as other motorists," reads the release. -- Alexandria Town Talk