Country music star Brad Paisley's current single "Crushin' It" is climbing up the charts. Have you seen the official video for the song?  Well if you have seen Brad host country music awards shows, you know he has a great sense of humor.  Well in the video for his new song, that sense of humor comes out big time!

The video you are about to watch, Brad Paisley drew the entire thing himself! This video is one big cartoon of fun! It depicts different past and current country music stars as super hero's and calls them "Country's Mightest Heroes".

In the video you will see Brad as the "Steel Moonshiner".  Then you will see a whole host of country music artists that you know depicted as some character.  You will see Keith urban as "Captain Australia", Carie Underwood as "Carrie Underwoman", Dierks Bentley as "Derx Skydrinker", Florida Georgia Line as "Beavis And Butthead" and Luke Bryan as "Flash Smiley" just to name a few.

You will also see Kenny Chesney, Darius Rucker, Eric Church, Jason Aldean and Zac Brown band too.  No one was off limits in this video.

The best though is when Brad refers to George Strait in the song, a cartoon of George pops up in a Superman outfit!

This video is hilarious.  Check it out the new video from Brad Paisley and enjoy!