OK, maybe Brett Eldridge hasn't really lost his mind, but his new song and video are out for "Lose My Mind". The video shows him in a straight jacket and kissing on Victoria Secret model Rachel Hilbert. Not a bad gig for the 29 year old country music star huh?

He admits that he did some research on her when he found out she would be co-starring in the video with him and was pretty excited that she signed on for the endeavor. Normally these types of scenes can be pretty awkward, but he says they were anything but! They spent a little time together before shooting the scenes to make sure there was a comfort level.

Eldridge is excited to be releasing his sophomore album. His first album, "Bring You Back" scored him 3 #1 hits and he was CMA's New Artist of the Year in 2014. If you've been keeping track of his videos, he's had two brunettes and two blondes co-star with him, but he says that he may have a song from his new album showing some ginger love (and this is where I swoon! Too bad he's way too young for me!). Stay tuned for an album title and release date!