Meet Jimmy, a Bull Terrier who became a fashion icon overnight, and his owner Rafael Mantesso is not surprised.  When Rafael's wife left him with nothing but his clothes, the refrigerator, and their bull terrier Jimmy, he was devastated.  One day, he looked at the white floors and walls of his small apartment and began to doodle, incorporating Jimmy  with the drawn picture, and posting them to Instagram.  A star was born.

Picture after picture, Rafael created a masterpiece, bringing awareness to a breed that might be considered "less" than others.  "Jimmy loves taking pictures, often sitting for over an hour for me to get the lighting or angle just right", Rafael has said in an interview with YahooEntertainment, very proud of the art him and Jimmy are creating.  Posting on Instagram has gained over 1 million followers, and gaining momentum.  Ashton Kutcher shared a picture of Jimmy singing into a drawn microphone, instant fame.

Name after his ex-wife's favorite show, Jimmy Choo, Jimmy the Bull Terrier continues to grow in popularity.  Even his own line of accessories with the Jimmy Choo fashion line.  Rafael and Jimmy's first book A Dog Named Jimmy will be released in October, available via Amazon.  "I tell people my full time job is being Jimmy's owner", Rafael has said, "and that when I am shooting, it is just Jimmy and me.  I love spending time with my dog, and seeing him happy".  What at treat!