Remember the fun days in the 1990's?  Black lip liner, Doc Marten's, and the mullet? It seems many men, and some women, were sporting the haircut that said it all, "business in the front, party in the back".  I didn't sport one, but I knew plenty of guy friends that did.  And, to add insult to injury...the man perm (YIKES).

Toby Keith busted onto the country music scene with 'You Should Have Been A Cowboy' with a curly, blond mullet.  Dierks Bentley sported one, Blake Shelton, and of course Billy Ray Cyrus made the mullet part of my Achy Breaky Heart moment.  Back in 1993, this haircut was all the rage, but would it stand up in today's fashion conscience country music scene?

I. Hope. Not.  Did anyone else think the mullet was ugly?  I hated the look, refusing to date anyone who had one.  Call me shallow, but I liked a clean cut man back then, and I still do.  If a man's hair is longer than mine, then I can't hang with that.  I like a "shag", like Keith Urban, but not pony-tail worthy.  I have compiled a few famous mullets for your viewing (stolen from YouTube).  Pop some popcorn, grab a beer and enjoy.