So over the weekend, I was scanning through different places on the web when I cam across Keith Whitley's website and found out that Saturday, it was the 26th anniversary of his death.

I know right, can you believe that it has been 26 years already since the passing of Keith Whitley?  He died on May 9th, 1989 and the official ruling of his death was due to alcohol poisoning. He was only 34 years old. They said at the time of his death, Whitley's alcohol blood level was a .47 percent.

Keith was born on July 1st, 1955 in Ashland, Kentucky.  At the age of 15, Keith started his musical journey.  During his career he had 5 number one hits.  What is crazy is that all five of his number one's where all in consecutive order of release.

In 1988 it started with his first number one "Don't close your eyes".  Here is the video from his first number one hit!

Then he reeled of four more consecutive number ones with "When you say nothing at all, I'm No Stranger to the Rain, I Wonder Do you think of Me, and It Ain't Nothing" which ended the streak in 1989.

Of course even though they were not number one hits, who could forget great songs from Keith like "Ten Feet Away, Homecoming '63, Miami, My Amy, and Tell Lorie I Love Her."

Then even after he passed who can forget the song "Brotherly Love" which Keith performed with Earl Thomas Conley which made it all the way to the number 2 spot on the charts in 1991.

Here is the local news cast from Nashville, Tennessee on the death of Keith Whitley.

It was a sad day in the country boy when Keith Whitley's voice went silent.  At least we had him for the years we did and the legacy and the music he left behind is timeless. Thanks Keith for true country music!