Johnny Depp facing ten years in prison?  For smuggling dogs into Australia?  WOW.  A few weeks ago, I broke the story of Johnny Depp's legal issue with apparent "smuggling" of his two terrier-mix dogs into Australia, where is he filming the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie..  According to Australian authorities, Depp did not declare Boo and Pistol, his terries, nor did he follow customs protocol of quarantine restrictions.  RUH ROH, Captain Jack Sparrow, looks like some trouble is ahead.  I wonder if he ran from the police?

His two little terriers may have escaped the death penalty, but Mr. Depp now faces a fine of 340,000 Australian dollars AND up to ten years in an Australian prison for not adhering to the laws down under.  I feel for his pups, they may not see daddy for some time.  Depp's flight crew may also face jail time for not assisting customs with the investigation.  TSK TSK.

My take, if Johnny Depp gets ten years in prison, can I be his cell mate?  Or, at least wash his back?  Too soon?  *sigh*