Contraband Days

Is It Time to Rethink Contraband Days? [VIDEO]
For the 58th year, Pirate Jean Lafitte and his band of Buccaneers have taken over the grounds of the Lake Charles Civic Center until May 10. Gator Country knows this two week festival as Contraband Days. But has it run its course?
Get Ready for The Last Big Weekend of Contraband Days
The Buccaneers will be leaving the City of Lake Charles this Sunday and returning the command to Mayor Randy Roach thus ending Contraband Days 2013. Even though they made us walk the plank when they took over the city, I don't think they will walk the plank when the mayor takes over. Don't seem fa…
The Contraband Days Battle Begins Today
Yes the Buccaneers will be attempting to take over the City of Lake Charles this afternoon and they will be getting some resistance. I was asked to be a part of firing the cannon and gladly accepted the invitation.

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