Ahh, the smell of Candy Corn is in the air, and the Christmas decorations are for sale in all the local Wal-marts, so that means that it's time for Halloween!!! But with these tight times, the days of getting the most costume for your money have long been gone, so let the hardest working man in Radio show you how you can make Halloween still stand out, for less than $23.50!

The best costumes are the ones that stand out the most, and the ones that stand out the most always come with a hefty price tag! And they always win those damn costume contests! But the ones that will really impress everyone are the ones that you can tell were thrown together at the last minute for the littlest amount of money! Who needs those high & mighty judges when my judges are my people!!

Grabbing the kids and throwing some of Grandpa's old clothes on them and a little food coloring, make-up from your teenage daughters purse and other household items can all be used to decorate up your younger kids into some of the cheapest and most effective costumes, guaranteedto frighten their classmates and the old lady down the street and will always bring the best candy for the little ones!

Got a bunch of friends, a couple of cases of cheap beer and plenty of Blue Body spray laying around? No? Why am I the only one...Anyway, this is a perfect example of what you can do with your friends and just the right amount of mental unbalancing chemicals on a Halloween afternoon. Just remember, if you are a bunch of guys doing this idea, never volunteer to be Smurfette, no matter how much alcohol has been promised!

Don't be fooled by this costume, it's not that much harder to make, than really convincing your friend, child or yourself that it will be okay walking around all night with your face in a glass jar. Maybe it would be better to use a empty plastic cookie jar type of jug. And then just watch your step...


These next 3 costumes take a tiny bit of mental work, but the results are still AWESOME!!! Simple cardboard, a little paint and sweat and your Halloween costume will stick out in at least 3 peoples minds! Lets take a look:

The Classic "Bad Yearbook Photo" will be remembered longer than a real bad yearbook photo, and all it takes is cardboard and paint, and someone who can keep THAT look on their face all night!

Now this one is cool! A box from a water heater, paint, glue, cereal boxes and a morbid child (my kid, for example) and you can make the famous refrigerator from "Hannibal Lector Goes To Piggly-Wiggly"!

Now this one does take a little bit of work, but it can happen and still freak people out, but you have to be very careful so it won't fall apart too early. And of course spend most of the evening telling drunks that, "I'm a Haunted Portrait, you idiot! How many times do I have to tell you!!!"

Now, all of these pictures came from here, where you can see thousands of idea, suggestions and inspiration, but don't forget: your imagination knows no bounds when it comes to disguise! If you are walking down the aisles, try to find a complete costume, try to find one small thing and then build around it. You will be surprised with how far you can go from just a simple thing like...Green Fairy Wings.  Spent $5 last year and about $10 more on beer and I came up with the idea that became the most talked about costume everywhere I went, see if you can figure it out yourself and remember, have a Safe & Happy Halloween!!

See the sombrero? I was Spanish Fly, classic...I rule!