November 11 is a big day in China for singles.  It's actually called "Singles Day" ... but, you know, in Chinese.

So one fella decided, hey, today's a great day not to be single anymore. So he decided to propose to his girlfriend. And what better way to do that, he thought, than to buy 99 iPhones and arrange them into a heart shape?

How much would 99 iPhones cost? You might be asking. I know I would be. Well, as it turns out, it ran him about two years' salary -- around $82,000, according to a

Man, he must have thought, I'm gonna nail this.

Except, um no.  And by 'no,' I mean that's what she said to his proposal. She turned him down. And really, can you blame her? The guy's clearly nuts! What are you going to do with 99 iPhones? What kind of moron drops two years' salary on phones? You can't have kids with a guy like that. Can you imagine getting out of those contracts?

On the flip side, though, can you imagine the commission check the salesman got at the phone store?