So if you listen to Emily and I in the morning and follow me, then you know of big of a Chris Young fan I am.  I am always surfing YouTube trying to find unique video's of artists and I think I did just that!

Chris Young who in my opinion has one of the smoothest voices in country music today hit the Grand Ole Opry stage to play one night.  What is unique and you will see in this video when Chris explains it is that the guitar Chris has in his hands belonged to the late great Keith Whitley!

This was the first time since Chris bought the guitar and he decided that the first time he would ever play it would be on the grandest stage in country music, The Grand Ole Opry.

Chris Young took the stage and explained about the guitar and then played Keith Whitley's mega timeless classic "Don't Close Your Eyes".  One of the best voices in country music doing one of the greatest songs in country music!

Just want to warn you, this video will give you the chills!  Enjoy!