It was a classic roast.

From Houston they came, armed with their 18-month old baby and 90 grams of cocaine.

They left H-Town at about 4 a.m. and got busted in Lake Charles by 6 a.m.

Little did they know that the day held the last sunrise they might see for a while.

Two Mexican national women were busted for transporting cocaine on Friday on I-10, accoring to the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office.

The early morning bust caused "rubbernecking" near the I-210 loop in Lake Charles as US Border Patrol Agents were called out to the routine, traffic violation stop. While many were going to work or just waking up, US Border Patrol agents were already breaking a sweat in the humid, summer-like morning.

In addition to being illegal themselves,  the women packed 90 grams of compressed cocaine--which according to CPSO and members of the Combined Anti-Drug Task Force (C.A.T. Team) discovered to be worth more than $9-thousand dollars on the street.  While the cocaine-- which was wrapped in plastic gloves and cellophane according to CPSO officials-- was hidden in a large, plastic container of Folger's Classic Roast, the container of coffee was not well hidden. It was in plain sight on the floorboard of the SUV's backseat, the large coffee canister was placed just under the feet of an 18-month baby, also in the backseat.

CPSO Officials did not confirm as to whether or not the canister of coffee was meant to deter K-9 officers--who are thrown by the scent of Folgers Classic Roast coffee.

Perhaps if it had been Community Coffee, CPSO officials may no have even noticed. But this was Folgers Classic Roast, cheap and not as flavorful, perfect for hiding drugs in.

US Border Patrol agents could not be reached for comment in regards as to whether or not the baby was an "anchor baby" ---which meant born legally in the United States of America-- or if the baby was also an illegal  alien wanted by the US Border Patrol.

Even the rubberneckers in traffic began to wonder aloud, "Why the hell wouldn't they hide the drugs in the baby's diaper? Idiots!"

After investigation into clean and dirty diapers, CPSO officials could not confirm that the child was used as a "drug mule".

However, the women were also charged with cruelty to a juvenile in addition to many drug-related charges as they were booked into the Calcasieu Correctional Center.

CPSO said the women did "act suspiciously" -- which probably  meant that leaving Houston at about 4 a.m.  with a baby, bound for New Orleans,  is  not normal behavior.

CPSO officials could not confirm the seizure of Folgers Classic Roast-- which might be used as evidence in the case against the two Mexican national women.