Cole Swindell hasn't even released his new album yet but he is are making some noise with his brand new single "You Should Be Here".  The song hits close to home for Cole and he pays tribute to his dad in his new song and video.

The song basically talks about his recent success in country music and how things have exploded for Cole.  In the video below it starts off with Cole Swindell calling his dad the day he signed his record deal.  When he made the call, someone was videoing him calling his dad to tell him.

Unfortunately, Cole's dad never got to see his success as he passed away about 3 months later.  I loved the song but when I watched the video, it really hit home to me.

I feel as the song is meant for anyone who has lost someone close in their life and with success in your life and work, you wish they could be here to see your journey.

Check out Cole's new video for his latest single "You Should Be Here".

Cole's new album is set to be released on May 6, 2016.  What a greeat song this is.  I hope you enjoyed it.