I remember growing up, I wanted to be a professional dancer.  At the time, backup dancers were becoming popular with Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, and of course the famous Back Street Boys from the early 90's.  My back up plan was to go to college, if the dancing didn't work out.  My parents disagreed, saying it was a priority to get a college degree and then pursue my dream after.

Many country artists are college graduates, some who have unbelievable careers as singer/songwriters.  Proving that college is not always the backup plan, that it can be part of the main plan for success.

Garth Brooks: Advertising degree from Oklahoma State University

Carrie Underwood:  Media Communications degree from Northeastern State University

Brad Paisley:  Business degree from Belmont University

Kenny Chesney:  Advertising degree from East Tennessee State University

Scotty McCreery:  Media Communications degree from East Tennessee State University