Although Thomas Rhett has sold out his first appearance at Yesterday's in Lake Charles, his name is not exactly a household word yet, but the momentum he's got going for him indicates that it will be.When a new artist comes to town brings to mind the first appearance of another artist at the Texas Longhorn Club in Orange, Texas. This artist also had only one song playing on the radio. Aaron Ladd and I were announcing a rodeo in the arena in back of the club that night and were told to be sure to plug the act that was playing in the club and to invite everyone to the show after the rodeo. We asked one of the club people(apparently not familiar with country music) who the singer was, and he tells us, Jimmy Brooks. So for the next two hours at the rodeo we announced that Jimmy Brooks was playing inside the club.After the performance we go in the club to see Garth Brooks driving the women crazy.