The Constitution of the United States says it's the right of an American to own and posses arms. How, when, and where we can posses those arms is often scrutinized by local and state law.

The idea of carrying a concealed weapon is another facet to the discussion on what kind of controls should be placed on gun owners. One Louisiana Legislator believes that everyone should have the right to carry a weapon with or without a conceal carry permit.

Barry Ivey says his proposed legislation would apply to only to non-felon residents.

It eliminates the crime of illegal concealed carry without a permit, but only for people who are law-abiding citizens, number one. Number two, are not otherwise prohibited from of a firearm.

Here is the way Louisiana law on carrying a weapon reads now. Basically if you are 21 or older you're allowed to carry a weapon with a permit. That would be a weapon that is not concealed. If you'd like to get a permit to carry a concealed weapon you have to pass a safety class and fork over $125 bucks for a five year permit.

If changes to the Louisiana Constitution on this issue sound vaguely familiar it's because Representative Ivey attempted to pass similar legislation two years ago. It did not pass but Ivey believes he has a better chance of passage in this session.

There is a more coordinated effort this time around that there was two years ago.

It will take passage by a two-thirds majority in the House and Senate for this legislation to become the law in Louisiana. Ivey is currently collecting signatures on a petition supporting these changes. He suggest that if you're for this change you need to contact your representative and let your voice be heard.