The year was 1958. It was the year the first American satellite was launched into orbit (Russia launched Sputnik the year before). It was the year the US Army drafetd Elvis. The Beatles recorded thier first song. Michael Jackson was born and let us not forget it was the year that instant noodles went on sale for the first time. It was also the year of the very first Contraband Days.





According to the Contraband Days web site  In 1957 a group of local businessmen from the Downtown Division of the Lake Charles Association of Commerce (later known as the Chamber of Commerce) formed
Lake Charles Contraband Days Inc (later known as Contraband Days Inc) for the sole purpose of developing a program to utilize the Lake Charles areas in recreational and cultural activities and to attract tourists. the group decided on the Pirates theme and came up with the story or buried treasure. the first Contraband Days was a one day festival with a boat parade, water ski demonstration. A few years later the Buccaneers were formed and the battles between the militia and Buccaneers began. To this day the militia has never won and the Buccaneers take over the city every year for the first two weekends in May. past events have included bed pushing races, bathtub races across the lake, crawfish eating contest and more. This years festival line up of events is here.