Brett Eldredge is riding high with his upcoming headline tour and the release of his 'Illinois' album with the lead track "Lose My Mind" climbing the charts.  I did a little digging and learned there are a few little secrets Brett doesn't mind sharing with his super fans. I found nine things I didn't know about Brett:

First Concert:  Nelly. Brett's high school memories surround listening to Nelly at football practice and after school.  Seeing him in concert really helped Brett's hip/hop lyrical chops early on.

Favorite sing-along: John Denver's "Take Me Home Country Roots".  Brett states "it brings him home ever time" he hears that song. Memories of his family, around the piano, singing that song...sits close to his heart.

Guilty pleasure song:  The Jurassic Park theme song. Yeah, Brett admits it is corny.  He listens to it every night before falling asleep.  He says it lends a "fantasy-ness" to his dreams. Can he get more cuter?

Last album bought:  Compton by Dr. Dre.  Brett loves hearing somebody at their best and Dr. Dre obviously does that every time.  Brett says it was well worth the 20-year wait, having listened to the album more than 50 times on the road.

Favorite breakup song:  "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room" by John Mayer.  I personally hadn't heard this song, so I had to YouTube it. WOW, Mayer can make you want to slow the breakup down a bit.  Brett explains that he likes that you feel the tension and you aren't the only one...your partner does too.

Best song for a workout:  "Lean On" by Major Lazer.  Again, I had to YouTube this song because I hadn't heard it.  Brett say he likes his music really loud, which I can hear with this song.  I added it to my gym playlist...Thanks, Brett.

Song that makes you dance:  "Dancing with Myself" by Billy Idol.  Self explanatory, Brett says they do a lot of dancing on his tour bus, to burn off steam and energy after a show.  None have surfaced on YouTube, Brett says he keeps a tight lid on what is released to his fans.

Best song to serenade a girl:  "Your Body is a Wonderland" by John Mayer.  Again, self explanatory.  And, I found the serenade on video, shot on his tour bus for Brett's weekly #singtomewednesday.  Enjoy!