Thomas Rhett is throwing one heck of a "Tangled Up In Texas" party at AT&T Stadium and we are all invited.  On Sept. 23, Rhett is planning to host the largest Twister party in the world, trying to get the world record -- just two days before his sophomore album Tangled Up is released.

Rhett's newest album is a mix of funky, danceable jams and love ballads that showcases Rhett’s many influences. “Crash & Burn” is the latest single, but songs like “Vacation” and “South Side” will soon be climbing the charts.

“Going into album release surrounded by some of my biggest fans is exactly how I want to kick off that week,” Rhett says. “That paired with the fact that we get to play new music at one of the most iconic stadiums in the world is going to be wild.”

I am not sure who the record holder of the Guinness award is, but Rhett is bound and determined to break it with thousands of his fans packing the stadium on Sept. 23.  Tickets can be purchased for $25 at Rhett's website.  Road trip, anyone?