The man who made Rose colored glasses famous Mr. John Conlee is celebrating his 68th birthday today.  Conlee, a country music legend, recorded some of the most iconic classic country songs that are still enjoyed today.

John Conlee was born on a tobacco farm in Versailles, Kentucky in 1946.  You may not know this but John Conlee wasn't always a country music recording artist. Before recording and performing music, Conlee was a licensed mortician and a radio DJ.

John moved to Nashville in 1971 to pursue his musical career and signed his first record deal in 1976.  In 1978 he released his iconic hit song "Rose Colored Glasses" which surprisingly on made it to #5 on the US Country charts.  His follow up releases were "Lady Lay Down"  and "Backside of Thirty" both went to #1 on the charts.

Here is John Conlee performing "Rose Colored Glasses" live in 1991

Happy Birthday to country music legend John Conlee!