Country Star Darryl Worley is helping two brothers in their battle against autism and seizures. Seven year old Wyatt Garrett and five year old Wayden Garrett recently met Worley to thank him personally for the gift The Darryl Worley Foundation provided to help them receive treatments at the Tennessee Hyperbaric Center in Jackson, Tennessee.


Kathey Garrett, the boys mom explained " we had tried every treatment we could find, utilizing hospitals and testing in several states, but nothing had worked. Then we came across hyperbaric oxygen treatment on the internet." ( Plans for saving money and fundraisers started because insurance does not cover the cost of treatment. They also applied to the Darryl Worley Foundation, and was approved, and a check was soon sent to Maci's Miracle Fund, a west Tennessee Healthcare Foundation Fund. It wasnt long before the brothers began HBOT.

Mrs. Garrett said " we started to notice changes within the first several days. Wayden said a sentence out of the blue, and Wyatt seemed to be able to concentrate better." The boys continue to make even more progress today. Mrs Garrett said " I feel like we are a family, finally! Wayden has told us all that he loves us, and he was not able to say that before HBOT. We are indebted to those that have helped us with this treatment, especially Darryl Worley and his foundation."

Most of the funding for the Darryl Worley Foundation comes from Darryl Worley's Tennessee River Run held each September in Harden County. The foundation also receives donations and memorials. For more information check it out.