I came across another cool video today that would normally make me cry, and yeah, I guess it did, but just a little. This time for whatever reason, I found it to be very uplifting! They’re not asking for anything in the video, but it is so cool to see several of country stars hop on board to participate in a remake for cancer research and St. Jude’s Hospital! When a child enters St. Jude’s Hospital, their family is never asked for a dime for their treatment and that’s where we come in.

Kids and stars alike got together for this awesome remake! You’ll see even the staff joined in. The stars that I found are Keith Urban, Jordan Sparks, Lady Antebellum, Big & Rich, Darius Rucker and Kellie Pickler. I’m sure I missed others and there were some folks I didn’t recognize…I did see Jennifer Anniston, Jimmy Kimmel and Robin Williams too! Watch if you have about 4 ½ minutes!!! Even if you can only give $5, you CAN make a difference!