Around our part of the world it's not are you going to have crawfish, it's when are you going to have crawfish and am I invited. The annual crawfish connoisseurs season is just beginning. All indications suggest that this might be a really nice season for those that enjoy their mudbugs boiled, fried, sauteed, baked, or however you like to cook them.

The early part of the season has seen a bit of an anomaly. Many fishermen are reporting their traps are being filled with substantially larger crawfish than are usually caught this time of year.

Well, I'm thinking it's the weather and the water conditions that are making it so favorable.  We've had a really warm winter and it's been warm most of the time so they're out moving around.

That's the thinking from Scott Landry a spokesman for the Seafood  Palace restaurant in Lake Charles. Landry told the Louisiana Radio Network that the size of the mudbugs that he has seen would compare favorably to those that are usually caught during the during the early spring.

They're ranging from a nice medium crawfish.  I mean, they're really nice this year.

Those of us that love the tasty crustaceans are hopeful a good harvest will mean lower prices. Of course we want the prices to be fair to our fishermen who make a living off harvesting this uniquely Louisiana crop. Here's to good season for both fisherman and fan. If the start of the season is any indication we could all be very happy by the time Easter gets here next year.