So all the buzz right now is how high the powerball lottery jackpot is after no one won the money last night.  The powerball jackpot is now estimated to go from the $500 million dollars from last night to at least $675 million dollars when the numbers are drawn this Saturday night.

Well I did some research and found some people who won millions of dollars on the lottery but spent it in the dumbest ways.  Some just went crazy and are now broke!

  • One lady, Evelyn Adams won the lottery twice in the space of two years and between her two wins she banked almost $6 million.  So what did she do? She decided to hit the casino's in Atlantic City.  She gambled every single cent she had and now lives in a trailer park and has no assets.  WOW!
  • In 2012 Robert Erb won $25 million and donated $1 million dollars to an organization to legalize marijuana.  Well I think he should have just smoked his money!
  • And then there is this idiot.  Michael Carrollfrom the United Kingdom won $15.8 million.  So what did this genius do?  Well he spent about $3,000 a day to support his newly found crack cocaine habit.  Plus this jackass also bought several luxury cars and crashed them on a homemade racetrack. Where is he now?  Well he had to sell his mansion after blowing all his cash!

So what would you do if you won the $675 million dollars?  Good luck and remember me! LOL