A little kid will stick to his story to the end. No threat or evidence can make him change his mind. I remember something in my childhood along the same lines. I guess I am saved by the statute of limitations so I will tell the story now. It is famous among my parents and siblings.



I was in the first grade at a very small Catholic Elementary school. the first and second grade were held in the same classroom. This meant my older sister was in the same class as me. She was a famous tattle tale. Each day she would inspect my lunch tray to make sure I had eaten all of my food. She knew all my tricks like just moving the vegetables to the side to make it look like I had eaten the required three bites. She knew the old "stuff the empty milk carton full of vegetables" trick. It was impossible to get anything by her.

The school occasionally would serve hamburgers. This would ordinarily be a good choice. All kids like hamburgers. These were not your usual hamburgers. For some reason, these hamburgers were very dry. Maybe they were left out too long, or overcooked to the point of becoming leather. I simply could not eat them. I knew I would be in trouble so this required some strategy. I threw my hamburger under the table as far away from my seat as I could. We all got up after lunch and returned to the classroom. I thought I was in the clear.

I knew something was up when the lunch room lady walked into my classroom carrying the dried out hamburger. The nun ask us all who has wasted the hamburger. No one raised their hand. The next step was to ask each of us individually if we had thrown the hamburger under the table. When it was my turn I offered up my brilliant plan and said "no, I can't even throw that far."After every kid answered no, we were all marched down to the cafeteria and made to go to our seats. We were then ask again. It was too much pressure for me. I buckled and confessed. I am not as good under pressure as the kid in this video. Enjoy and share.