It's a story that we hear often in Hollywood.  A child star makes it big, gets a taste of success, and then has a tough time dealing with the pressure and the spotlight.  Miley Cyrus is one casualty in this all too familiar Hollywood spin cycle.  "Hannah Montana" pushed her into the limelight, and now years later her famous father is looking back.  In an interview with "GQ Magazine" Billy Ray Cyrus expresses regret in her ever being allowed to take the Disney role in the first place.  In this excerpt, Cyrus describes some memories from his Tennessee home:

"My kids learned to color on this table. There's been a lot that's went around this table. Waylon Jennings sat right there in that chair and showed Miley the chords to 'Good Hearted Woman.' Sitting in that chair. This table's a bit like life. It's a circle.

It's a good perspective, and an excellent interview with Billy Ray Cyrus.  At the end of the day, it shows how fame and fortune are fleeting.  It's family that matters, and most people who have crashed and burned in Hollywood would probably all agree.

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